5 MMORPG Games of the Year 2018 What You Should Try

//5 MMORPG Games of the Year 2018 What You Should Try

5 MMORPG Games of the Year 2018 What You Should Try

Thank you for visiting friends. For those of you who like the game, of course, know the new game is a lot of interest in the game that is MMORPG. This game became much in demand in the know 2018, a lot of game developers who make games with themes like this. Games like this are usually many in the adaptation of PC games that have many players in it. We will provide the MMORPG games in 2018 which are a lot of play.

Lineage 2 Revolution

lineage 2 revolution

This is one game that is adapted from the PC game that is Lineage 2. Almost the same as the previous series but in this mobile version there is little change in the mode of battle because all the controls are on the kite. This game is well received in this mobile version, and this is in the mind of many players who participate in this game. So for those of you who want a new game you can try this game now.

Blades and Rings

Blades of rings

In this game you will be adventuring in the fairy world and defeating the orcs who become your enemies and collecting twenty-seven rocks that have the power to change the world, you must fight all the enemies in front of you and get all those rings to save the world. Interesting story background you can follow by playing this game so what are you waiting for this game now.

Sword and Magic

sword and magic

This game has a European-style environment background, but enthusiasts of this game mostly come from Asia namely Korea, Taiwan, and China. This game became a lot of interest because of many interesting modes such as the battle between 10 players in one place or area, in addition to this game you can have a partner and do the wedding in the game, really interesting, is not it ?.

Rise of Gods

rise of gods

This game is really very exciting, not only has a good gravity this game also has the advantage in communicating with other players globally by using Voice Chat Channel. Due to the many interesting features of this game, make this game really you should try and prove how easy this game with new features that exist only in this game.

So are the latest MMORPG games in 2018 that you should try. For those of you who love the game not to miss the games above. Thank you for visiting, send us your comments about this article as a learning material for us, or you can also ask for information about the game you want to know.

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