7 Unique Facts About Endless Frontier Game

//7 Unique Facts About Endless Frontier Game

7 Unique Facts About Endless Frontier Game

Endless Frontier still becomes the best game of this year in an idle RPG game where players can play this game whenever they want as it can still run every time. Published by Ekorr, this game really stunts the first impression. Almost 90 % players were falling in love with this game because of the unique feature itself. By collecting those facts, we conclude 7 unique facts of Endless Frontier.

Idle Gameplay

As we have stated before, players can play this game whenever they want. We can choose the suitable time to check and to maintain the game. This is the best thing everyone should know because unlike the other game which consumes most player’s time. Endless Frontier comes with something different.

Complex Gameplay

The complexity of the gameplay really amazes its player to not leaving the game. There are many idle games we can play such as Tap Tycoon, Idle Miner Tycoon, Tap Titans 2, and much more but Endless Frontier comes up with a great system to attract players.

Unique Graphics

Comes up with 2D graphic, Endless Frontier makes something unique to their graphic. Some people said it is quite adorable. It implements such as an old RPG game in the 90s where it can bring some nostalgic reason to several players.

Guild Battle

This one is the best part of Endless Frontier where we can fight other guilds. Not only fight the other by ourselves, but also with others guild member such as an outstanding feature to try. Yet, it requires an achievement of reaching Stage 300.

Guild Raid

Unite together with your guild member is such an awesome feature to have. Fighting boss together to gain medal and artifact really a punched system to their competitor. There are no features implemented before this game invented this.

No Paid to Win

Talking about paid to win, almost every player knows about this fact. Most smartphone game requires their players to buy its premium currency if they want to play without any border. Meanwhile, this game is such as an artifact where it is hard to find. There is no paid to win section in this game as a player can gather diamonds as its premium currency wherever they want.

Endless Stage

Arranged by various algorithms, Endless Frontier will automatically generate new stage to its player. There will no limit which every player can reach. All players need to do is to achieve the higher stage to earn billion medals. Then, it can be used whether to upgrade or to buy a hero.


Those all 7 unique facts about Endless Frontier as the best Idle RPG game of this year. Hopefully, it can increase your motivation to play this game. Keep in mind, these facts are based on our writer opinions. If you have any differents, feel free to share it.

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