Anime Games That You Can Play On Android And iOS

//Anime Games That You Can Play On Android And iOS

Anime Games That You Can Play On Android And iOS

Hello Gamers, in this article we will give a game that has anime theme. For those of you anime fans, now you can play anime-themed games on your Android or iOS device.

Anime Games

Anime or cartoon from Japan is now a lot of interest in gamers around the world for several reasons such as likes movies that aired. Anime is much of the interest throughout the world such as One Piece and Naruto now comes in a game that can be played on Android and iOS.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing

The first is a game from the anime of Naruto that has so many fans around the world. Ultimate Ninja Blazing you can play on Android and iOS, in this game you can have various characters that exist in Naruto series like Baruto Sarada and others because this game takes all the characters until the latest series of Naruto.

One Piece: Treasure Cruise

For you One Piece fans you can now collect all the characters you idolize and form a powerful pirate team in the game Treasure Cruise. In addition to forming a team and collecting pseudo characters One Piece, in this game you can also fight other teams in PVP mode that will address who is the strongest team in this game.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle is an adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z anime series that has so many fans around the world. In this game also players can have or play a character like Goku and other friends to defeat the enemies who live in every path or hurdle that exist in this game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

If you can only see Yu-Gi-Oh !, now you can play directly and arrange a card in the deck to win a duel like this anime. In this game will hire you to feel what a real duel and strategize to defeat the enemy and spend the enemy points.

Moe! Ninja Girls

For those of you who love the Moe anime, now you can play and have a lot of Moe characters in Moe’s game! Ninja Girl. In this game, you will form a team of funny characters to explore the dungeon and collect items and other materials that can be used to enhance your moe character’s ability.

Manga Clash

This is the game you should try. In Manga Clash you can find a lot of anime characters that you like only in one game only. In this game, you will explore exploring with a team of various anime characters you want.

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