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Latest Games For Your Android – Lineage 2 Revolution

Android is now a new medium to play. As the times progressed, now many games with extraordinary gravity bi played on the android one of the Lineage 2 Revolution which has many players who participated. Lineage 2 Revolution More and more MMORPG games and Lineage 2 Revolution is the most in interest even when the [...]

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[Review] Battle Mode At Seven Knights Game

Hain, Efu12 will again provide information that will add to your knowledge of the game. This time we will review one of the many RPG games in play even though this game has long been released by Netlabel. Seven Knights have long been released but there are still plenty of players who are still loyal [...]

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Special Hero Seven Knight – 200 More Hero In One Game

Hello, EFU12 is back again to present information about the game. This time we will discuss some of the heroes that exist in the Seven Knights game. There are 200 more heroes present in this game. It takes a long time to explain hero, but just be quiet, we will discuss some important heroes like [...]

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Dragon Nest M – Understand the Features of the Game to Ease Victory [Tips]

Hello Gamers, This time we will discuss one new MMORPG game that is Dargon Nest M. The game is scheduled for release on April 12, 2018, but is retired for 4 days and this is not a problem for patience fans. It's a lot of gamers who wait for this game is fairly mobile, because [...]

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Similar Game Like Subway Surfer, You May Love These One

Would you like to know where you can find a game where it looks like Subway Surfer? We all know it is pretty hard to find those. However, we have listed out for you and we can ensure you would need them all to increase your gaming experience. The first thing you have to do [...]

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C.A.T.S Game Review, The Best Action Game for Smartphone

Who loves playing C.A.T.S? This game is really unique, we can see it from the game name itself. Do not you know that this game is getting so popular this day. There are million players who love playing this game. The best part of all, we do not need to spend our money from our [...]

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Sims Mobile Review, Awesome Gameplay and Really Great First Impression!

Sims Mobile is a really great game released by Maxis. Everyone knows about Sims Mobile and no one do not like this game. Talking about this game, we will have our own lives in a virtual world where we can hang out with others, find a job, find a lover and much more. This game [...]

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What Game Should You Play in April 2018 (EFU12 Version)

Hi, we would like to let you know about incoming games that you must play in 2018. We are sure you will need this reference in order to get a really great game. The first game come from Sims Mobile and then Lineage 2 Revolution and so on. Sims Mobile The first game is Sims [...]

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The Reason Why You Must Play Mobile Legends

MOBA or known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is getting popular time by time. We all know about DOTA 2 that is really great but it can only be played on PC. However, past years, Mobile Legends has been released by Moonton and there are many features that are not really different than Dota 2. [...]

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