Is Clash of Clans Dying? Is That True? 5 Thoughts about it!

//Is Clash of Clans Dying? Is That True? 5 Thoughts about it!

Is Clash of Clans Dying? Is That True? 5 Thoughts about it!

Clash of Clans is the most famous smartphone game since a few years ago. Called as COC which released by Supercell, the existence of this game should not be doubtful. From a zero back to a hero and then slowly back to zero again. How long this game could stand while so many games are released each day. Is Clash of Clans dying? Here are 5 thoughts about it.

Dropped Installation

Dropped Installation

If you have a friend which addicted playing smartphone games. You could ask them, are they still play this legend game? Almost 80 % people stop playing this game. The reason, they are a little bit bored with the gameplay. That is why many people were doing app uninstallation.

Few Updates

Supercell has not really focused on this game as you can see. The latest update of this game was 28 June 2017, check out the above image. Major updates were given to Clash Royale as it is still famous among gamers. How about Clash of Clans? Is it still played by most gamers?

Slow Review Flow

Few Reviewers

Unlike the other popular game which gets reviewed by many people. How about this one? The latest review since we are writing this article is on 22 July 2017. This is kinda hard to believe. If you were on 2 years ago. You would see dozens review flooding the review box.

Esports Tournament

Clash of Clans Esports

Builder Base Winner

Flash backing to last year. There are many Esports tournaments hold on almost some countries but this year seems only a few tournaments hold. The latest one is builder base tournament. It is totally different with Clash Royale which has just started on 1st July 2017 and will end on 1st Oct.

Few Streamer

Based on our analysis of Clash of Clans streamer. There are not many of them who still do this. They were leaving this game because the existence has been low. If you remember when this game was still being the legend. Hundreds until thousands of people stream this game every day.


Concluding based on the data we found. We can ensure that Clash of Clans popularity has been dropped since the last year. However, this game still has their loyal players to play. We wish Supercell can release a new feature of this game to bring new players.

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