Clash Royale Playing Tips

//Clash Royale Playing Tips

Clash Royale Playing Tips

Clash Royale game is one game that is still in interest until now. There are still many players who survive even some new players. For you new players, we will give you a tips for you to be more adept at playing.

Games like this should have a strategy to play, and for those of you who are new to play we will give a few tips so you can memenagkan game with ease, follow tips for Clash Royale:

Survive To Win

Every player usually wants a win. The key to this game is patience, so you have to endure and be patient to attack or it can be said that a counterattack would be better.

Multiple Cards

Deck layout you need to pay attention, because it is important to win the battle. Not a few players who install a lot of monsters with elixir morester and this is the biggest weakness for this game, therefore you need to balance the monster card in the deck.


A good attack is a regular attack. You can try an attack technique that starts with a powerful monster card such as gian and in follow karti that has great damage like archer or dragon.

Monster Card In The Deck

The selection of a monster you need to pay attention to, in addition to the number of elixir you also need to complete your card with different types of cards. In the deck you must include a powerful kick to start the attack and a card that has great damage to defend or defeat the opponent’s monster, And do not forget to also have a card that can attack through the air because it is important to survive or attack.

And that’s part of the tip for today, we’ll give you other tips in the next article. Keep an eye on efu12 that will give you a lot of game information that can help you to play better. Happy playing and see you in the next game.

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