Crusaders of Light Game Review, Outstanding Gameplay and Graphics!

//Crusaders of Light Game Review, Outstanding Gameplay and Graphics!

Crusaders of Light Game Review, Outstanding Gameplay and Graphics!

Published by NetEasy, an MMO called Crusaders of Light was released on 20 April 2017 both on Android and IOS platform. Complex gameplay and outstanding graphics really complete this game and it is absolutely possible if this game could win an award as the best smartphone game.

Crusaders of Light Gameplay

Unlike the other game in the same genre, this game is very unique. Presenting a unique concept of what MMORPG should have. It is really worth if many people are falling in love with the gameplay itself. In this game, players can start their adventure and also do social life.


Like any other Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, this game also provides some interesting classes consist of Warrior, Mystic, and Ranger. Each class has a different role and of course, different difficulty also. Usually, most new comer takes ranger to learn about the game first but for most of them who are familiar with this genre. They usually understand what class should they choose.

Mystic Class Ranger Class Warrior Class

Class Skill

Skill is the most important thing as it will give more damage than a basic attack. However, they are usually consuming your mana and has a cooldown. Just like in Crusaders of Light, you can free to choose what skill would you like to use. You cannot use all the skill in the same panel. You have to consider the best combination to help you in the battle.

Class Skill

Skill Path

Every class with have different skill path. It is really helpful to be strong in any combat as it can increase your damage, critical rate, defense, magic power and so on. It depends on what job you are on. Whenever you got leveled up, you can upgrade your skill path to earn a new or to boost it.

Skill Path

Life Skill

What your expectation about life skill? Is that a skill to survive in a life? This skill is about to relax your mind by gathering plants and more. You can choose whenever you would like to out of combat and being a gatherer or miner. You can not be both of them, you have to choose your way.

Life Skill


Here is the great feature that we would like to let you know. What do you think about a trading system in MMORPG? Is it about buying or selling your stuff? Unlike this game, which you can buy their premium currency, called crystals by using your gold. We can say this game is not a pay to win game. The developer is the real epic one as they consider about their player comfortable.

Crusaders of Light Graphics

Comes with 3D game, it is really outstanding as the graphics are almost same just like a console game. There are not different if you are in. Despite, you have to consider what device you are on. This game needs high phone specification. Here we would like to show you the gameplay.

Crusader of Light Gameplay1 Crusader of Light Gameplay2Crusader of Light Gameplay 3


Crusaders of Light is a really high-quality game to play. It will be worth for your time. That is why we list this game as top 5 MMORPG based on our editor picks. If you are looking for an adventure game with social activity. Then we recommend this game as yours.

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