Dragon Nest M – Understand the Features of the Game to Ease Victory [Tips]

//Dragon Nest M – Understand the Features of the Game to Ease Victory [Tips]

Dragon Nest M – Understand the Features of the Game to Ease Victory [Tips]

Hello Gamers, This time we will discuss one new MMORPG game that is Dargon Nest M. The game is scheduled for release on April 12, 2018, but is retired for 4 days and this is not a problem for patience fans. It’s a lot of gamers who wait for this game is fairly mobile, because of this game in the adaptation of PC games.

Dragon Nest M

This new game has a lot of interest, even in estimating the number of gamers in this mobile version will exceed the PC version. In other words, there will be new players who come into play, that’s why we will give a little information and features in this game before giving gameplay.

This is one of the tips in playing, that understands the game first because by understanding what is in this game will increase your chance of victory. Below are some features in this game:

  1. Nest: Here every player can only play 2x, by playing in this mode you can get accessories and equipment.
  2. Abyss: In addition to Nest, you can also get the material equipment here, and in this mode, you are free to play repeatedly.
  3. Daily Task: This feature will be very useful, because it will be like daily for you to finish and if you complete every mission here you will get an additional prize.
  4. Card: You can collect a monster that you can redeem or use to add Xp, HP, Mag Def, Pys Def, and others.
  5. Dark Temple: Almost the same as the Abyss, you will be banned to collect many items and others, but that distinguishes in this mode you can play with other players and adventure together.
  6. Dragon Expedition: There is a material called Jade to upgrade items, and this you can get in this mode 1x in one day, so do not miss this mode.
  7. Endless Abyss: In this mode, you will fight lots of boss monsters to get items that you can redeem in Shoop.
  8. Guild: Just like any other game, you can join in a guild to help each other or play together.
  9. Pet: In this game, you can raise a fairy animal that will give you advantages such as adding HP, Damage, and others in accordance with the animal’s kemamupa and level owned.

That is the features and mede battle that exist in this game Dragon Nest M. Sumogasaja with this information will increase your knowledge in the game and make you easier to play.

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