The First Real Time Survival Game on Smartphone

//The First Real Time Survival Game on Smartphone

The First Real Time Survival Game on Smartphone

Do you love playing survival game on your PC? How about playing it on your smartphone? Last Day on Earth is the first one survival game released on Android and IOS. Defending from hordes attack is our mission. Building up our own base, crafting some equipment, doing raid with our clan, and much more.

Last Day on Earth has come with a great feature where is it based on real-time survival. This game is totally different with others survival game released on a smartphone as they are cost mostly our money to buy its premium currency.


The gameplay should not be questioned anymore as it will turn their player addicted to playing. The main mission in this game is to survive as long as possible by supplying everything for our needs. You can also explore the vast world of The Last Day on Earth to gather some resources to support our crafting needs.

Last Day on Earth Gameplay1


Last Day on Earth Gameplay2



A great game should come with a high graphics and The Last Day on Earth provides it. Polished 3D graphics seems to be made from an awesome engine. There is no doubt anymore by every player who has tried this game. Certainly, you have to try this game if you are looking for an epic game graphics.


As we have stated before in the gameplay section. There are some features that we can do in this game but we will list them here to make sure, it is clearly informed.

  1. Customize your own land
  2. Uniting a clan
  3. Do an activity together with your clan or friends
  4. Various crafting stuff
  5. Bunker (to gather lots of rare equipment)
  6. Dealer (to trade your stuff with the best one)
  7. Vast map to explore
  8. Raid system

Final Words

Last Day on Earth is the best survival game to install on your smartphone device. No matter what OS we are currently using. This game can be played on almost every OS. Feel free to download the game by using the link below.

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