Game Ofline 2018 You Should Try

//Game Ofline 2018 You Should Try

Game Ofline 2018 You Should Try

Hi lovers. Welcome back to Efu12, the site that always gives you the latest information as accurate as the game you should know. Talk about the game, there are so many games available today, sometimes we are bored with one game and switch to other games. It is reasonable to do because of the nature of human beings who quickly get bored or something.

In this article, we will provide some offline games that you can try. The game that we suggest is the 2018 game that can be played by line, the game offline to be much in interest because games like this do not require data when playing and easier to play.

32 Secs

This is a game that you should try in 2018 especially for those who love racing car games. these permissions will bring you to the future, where you will control a future car and compete on the streets of an extraordinary future. Easy controls to add value to this game in addition to the nitro button that can accelerate the speed of your vehicle.


Surely you know pinball game ?. This game is almost the same as the game, however, can say Pinuot this is the latest generation of pinball because this new game has the features and style of the game more interesting, so this game is a new game 2018 that you must try.

Shadow Fight 3

In the year 2018 this shadow fights back again create a new version of this game. So thrilling this game proved by the presence of this third season. Same with the previous game, this game will give you the experience to fight with the shadow knight with an exciting fighting ability. In this third token, the developer brings something new from a good gravity and a more exciting challenge from the previous version.

Real Steel Boxing Champions

In 2018 this game more exciting and interesting, evident in the presence of Real Streel Boxing Champions game that will give you the experience to see the battle between robots are strong. This game will give each player experience to have sophisticated fighter robots to battle in the ring and defeat other fighter robots.

Dragon Hills 2

This game is really interesting, you will play an as little girl who will save a city from attacking the attacking zombies. In this game, you only need to avoid the liquid that will come out of the ground or anything so as not to reduce the Hp that this little girl has. Where’s the excitement? Now it’s time for you to try it yourself.

The game above is a 2018 game that must and try because the games have been much in the download of the gamers who welcomed the game and now is the time for you to try this game. Good luck and hopefully enjoy the game you play.

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