Game Reviews Onmyoji – RPG Games You Must Try

//Game Reviews Onmyoji – RPG Games You Must Try

Game Reviews Onmyoji – RPG Games You Must Try

Welcome back gamers, this time we will rush one of the PVP games back. PVP game this time is Onmyoji a lot of fun in the gamers. This one game has reached 1 Million more people who download on Playstore, so for those of you who just heard this game, you can read this article as a material reference.

Onmyoji Game

In this game, you can collect a lot of characters that have different abilities with different types as well. This game became a lot of interest because in this game the ability of every player who is very reliable, although in this game you play a team of 5 people, teamwork and the discovery of each player becomes a winning factor.

In Game Features

You can play this game with friends in an arena mode that will bring together 10 players in one arena divided into two teams to fight each other and win the battle by destroying the opponent’s defense.


As already discussed this is a battle mode in this game that can be played players to collect jade after winning the battle.


In this game, there are many characters with different abilities and different types as well as the mage, fighter, and others.


In addition to collecting various characters, here you can also buy costumes for the characters you use. This costume also usually will provide additional hp or damage for the character. The number of costumes in this game adds the spirit of each player to collect jade in order to have a unique costume that some costumes are available on a limited basis.

How to play

You will play with 4 other people in one team and fight 5 other players to kill each other and destroy the castle of the opponent. In this game, there will be one analog button on the left bottom of the screen, and 5 other buttons on the right of the screen that serves as a skill of the characters you play.


The excellence of this game there is so many. One of them may be a graph that is in possession that makes every battle more attractive to because enthusiasts, the character’s jam in the game is also very diverse and unique to the player have. So you will be very sorry if you have never tried this game.

Similarly, reviews of Onmyoji games, hopefully, this information can add to your knowledge of the game or help you who want a new game and try this game. We really want you to play this game.

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