Know The Types Of The Game

//Know The Types Of The Game

Know The Types Of The Game

Hello gamers, this time we will provide an information for you new gamers. This information can add to your knowledge of the game and hopefully useful for you. For you new gamers, it’s good to know some types of games to optimize your ability to play, because by recognizing the type of game you can better understand what steps you should do in playing.

RPG (Role Playing Game)

This type of game usually provides a battle to explore some places. Characteristic of games like this provide a battle between teams or players to attack in a different way. Tips for this game you have to focus on one character that you have only, and this is for the sake of your game level first because with a high level you can play more easily.


Usually, this type of game with more interest in adults because this game needs a thorough thought to create strategies in the game such as strategies to survive, attack, management needs, and others. Tips for this one game you have to be careful in managing every strategy you create.

This strategy game is divided into two types of RTS and TBS

Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

This strategy game usually has characteristic to organize an army that you form to carry out an attack or survive an attack and you will play a role in the battle.

Turn Based Strategy (TBS)

In this one strategy game players will usually only control one character only, so you can create strategies in play such as managing attacks and matching items that use the character for a defense.


This game is mostly in children’s look because this simulation game is more like an airplane simulation where the player will control the plane fully from start preparation to aircraft modification.


Racing games are almost the same as simulations but, this type of game is more directed to the race game in which the player will control a vehicle to win a game.


This type of game is simple and will make emotion players out because this type of game usually has a characteristic for multi-level where players will get a more interesting challenge every level. This type of game has a lot of fans because it is exciting and challenging.

Fighting Game

Surely you know what kind of game this is. Yes, right! this type of game will bring each player to do a fight with other players or with a computer.

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