Latest Games For Your Android – Lineage 2 Revolution

//Latest Games For Your Android – Lineage 2 Revolution

Latest Games For Your Android – Lineage 2 Revolution

Android is now a new medium to play. As the times progressed, now many games with extraordinary gravity bi played on the android one of the Lineage 2 Revolution which has many players who participated.

Lineage 2 Revolution

More and more MMORPG games and Lineage 2 Revolution is the most in interest even when the first day of release can reach one million downloads in just one day ie in November 2017 and then for western countries such as Europe and America. Until now the developer Netmarbel continues to refine this game.

How to play

Like any other MMORPG, here you will play a character that you chose at the beginning of the game. In this game available 4 rare you can choose the Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Dark Elf, Each rare has its own shortcomings and advantages, besides rare you can also have capabilities such as Warrior, Mage, and Archer. Having a high level is a way to play well and to have a high level every player can defeat a monster and complete a mission in the game. This game has been well designed to be easier to play on Android and iOS.

Later Stories

This game has a background story 100 years before Lineage 2 (Game PC version) and still occupy the same world. To find out how the background story of this game each player can complete a special mission and have a level that has been specified then the story of this game will take place.

Fighting In The Game

Same with the previous PC version, here you can also explore the dungeon and defeat many enemies, complete the raid, and complete the quest. This game also provides PVP battle mode, so for those of you who like fashion like this can play it here, available two types of PVP is normal mode and Clan War.

Class and Race in Lineage 2 Revolution

There are several classes and rare in this game. Actually, all classes and rare altogether, depending on how to play and comfortable every player. There is a banana you know the ability for each class to match what you expect.

And that’s the game we suggest you play on android and ios devices. This game is amazing, so you should try it because it has many players who have come into play so you can have many players in this game, especially in this Version you can play it wherever you are and whenever you want. Happy playing friend !.

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