Mount and Blade Game Tips and Trick

//Mount and Blade Game Tips and Trick

Mount and Blade Game Tips and Trick

Do you know about Mount and Blade game? We have a great tip and trick for you that you can follow it easily. Certainly, by following this one. It can help you a lot to survive in this game no matter what class do you choose. As long as you follow this you will get what do you want.

First Step

This is the initial step in playing this game. The first thing you have to know, you must build your relationship between you and the other kingdom. Choose to enter an alliance, you can get many benefits as you can. The important thing you can get experience and ask a help whenever you need their hands.

Second Step

After you choose to loyal to a kingdom. You can manage your party/troops. This gonna be hard since we must understand the basic and we suggest you to take INT attribute as your main attribute because increasing 1 INT will give you an additional skill point. It means, each you leveling up, you will get 2 skill points and you will also get another benefit such as to increase wound level of your troops instead of making them died and also increase your map speed.

Third Step

Once you get what you have, you can start making your own kingdom. Ask the king of a kingdom that you choose to join to release your oath. Then, you can start making your own kingdom by assaulting the weakest kingdom. Find out a castle, manage it properly. Then, you will get extra income to build more soldier for your party.

That is the basic guidelines you can follow. Actually, there are many steps we can share but we will release it out on the next part. This one is the basic and it is suitable for a beginner who wants to jump into this game but they do not know how to play it.

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