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PUBG Game Tips – Guide For Beginners Players

This one game is getting a lot of fun around the world. After the success played in Asia now PUBG started a lot in play by gamers around the world. This game is a lot of interest because the features in this game is interesting, for those of you who do not know this game can try it and we will give a little tips for beginners in order to compete with other players who first play.

How to Play PUBG

Recently many players are diverting from other types of games to try a game like this because of the PUBG game It has an interesting game feature. How to play this game is easy enough, you will play a player who will defeat enemies in the game by way of adventure gathering fighting equipment such as weapons and armor as all players get nothing while getting off the plane. There are many features in the game that can play players, you can play alone or play with other friends in a team.

Tips For Beginners

If there is usually little difference between old players and new players in every game that makes it difficult for new players to compete with old players. Unlike the PUBG game, In this game there is no term new players or old players to win pertarunag because the new players can beat the old players with the ability or skill in millii each player. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips that new players can use to compete with old players easily, or you can say this is a strategy for new players.

Speed ​​And Skills

This is the basic thing that every game should have. The most prominent aspiration in this game, because with the skill in playing very in need what else when in battle one-on-one, because usually new players often lose because of insufficient skills. That’s why the very first tips are the practice for fighting skills by how often to play because these skills you can get with the experience and a player’s passion to understand the game.

Understanding All Kinds of Equipment Or Weapons

These are the basic tips that every player needs to know. When you get off the plane you are only in the buggy tool because that’s why you have to find your own equipment by entering every building or house that is around you as soon as possible from other games. Focus on looking for equipment and prioritizing looking for armor and blood because this is the most important thing in this game.

Manage Inventory

Too many items in inventory can be troublesome because most new players pick up items or even items that are not in need. Focus on saving important items in your inventory such as blood and energy.

Sound of Weapons

For those of you who are new to play need to know this. The sound of the weapon you use will sound so far away that you can tell your location to the enemy in great distances, therefore you must be careful to use weapons, use the gyro when you find the enemy unless you use a silencer in your weapon.

And that’s three surefire tips that you must master as a beginner player in order to compete with players who have first played. Thank you for visiting and hopefully this information or tips can help you to play better.

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