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Quick Guide For Candy Crush Saga Game

Hello friend, this time Efu12 will provide a little guide to one of the arcade games that is Candy Crush Saga. This game is much in the interest of the moment from children to view, because this game does make our emotions become unstable especially when we find a level to be resolved. For that, we will give a little information about where playing candy crush saga for easier on the play.

Creating a Special Candy

Specials are important to make big sucks and help the game. Some people sometimes just focus on completing missions in this game, it is true, however, if you can create a special candy chance of winning will increase, therefore create as many special mints as possible.

Collaboration Candy Special

This is important to do because having a special candy will result in a tremendous explosion, for example, you can blend a striped candy with candy in a wrap, this will blow the candy around it horizontally and vertically in three layers and this creates many points.

Equipment Help

Most players rely too heavily on tools, it helps you to save this usage because this tool is difficult for you to get. Use your ah well, try to play without the tools as this will increase your playing ability.

Complete Mission

Many ignore the mission because by itself this mission will be completed but this wrong act, Try to always finish the mission faster because by completing the mission you will get help or tools quickly, in addition to the mission that has been completed will open a new mission and the chance to get rocks faster.

Those are some guidelines or brief tips from us. Try to implement the above because we are sure that you will complete a level easily because it has been proven and truly evolutionary to do. Thank you for visiting and do not forget to give your comments to make us give better information.

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