[Review] Battle Mode At Seven Knights Game

//[Review] Battle Mode At Seven Knights Game

[Review] Battle Mode At Seven Knights Game

Hain, Efu12 will again provide information that will add to your knowledge of the game. This time we will review one of the many RPG games in play even though this game has long been released by Netlabel. Seven Knights have long been released but there are still plenty of players who are still loyal to play, but this time we will only break the battle mode in this game.

Seven Knights

Seven Knights have many players since its inception. At first, this game is only available in the Korean version of a big success, because that’s the developers make this game in the global version that turned out to welcome the gamers.

Game Mode

The game is much in the interest because this game has interesting and funny heroes besides that, the background story that is given is really interesting and curious. There are so many battle modes that players can follow.


Sperti is usually an RPG game will give the dungeon that must be followed by every player. In addition, this mode will be available alongside the story background in every place in this mode. In this game, a lot of maps that must be explored players, in addition to each map can be explored in 3 modes of Easy, Normal, and Hard.


This mode will bring together players from around the world in PVP mode. Each player will form a team consisting of 5 heroes in possession to fight other teams at random. In this mode will be divided into several levels that the value of the points of each game and each week this mode will be in the restart and get a gift like a ruby with different amounts as per the warning that is owned.

Guild War

This mode can only be followed by every member of the guild and can only be followed on a certain day in this mode is divided into two parts: one day of preparation and one day of battle. In every month there are always events that can be followed to get attractive prizes such as custom, ruby, and others.


In this fighting mode, you will fight the dragon boss with various levels. This mode can also be used to collect items and material items that can strengthen the hero you have. Little tips from us, never miss this mode and prioritize hero for this team because with this you can strengthen the hero you have to more easily win every fight.

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