Reviews About Sling Kong Games – You Must Try it Now

//Reviews About Sling Kong Games – You Must Try it Now

Reviews About Sling Kong Games – You Must Try it Now

Now it’s time you get to know one game that is quite fun although sometimes annoying that is Sling Kong. This game is one of the arcade game you should try, lots of players who are curious about this one game. The game is quite easy to play and very suitable to fill your spare time.

Sling kong

This game is a game that many in love. There are not many features in this game, but we are sure if you try this one game eating will continue to play because most people are often curious and fail to record the highest record either own record or someone else in this game.

How to play

In this game precision and proper filing will be the key to creating a high score. How to play is easy enough, you just need to direct or throw a funny and unique pin to get through the obstacles and create the highest score possible. Sound easy, is not it? you can try it yourself.

A Collection of Pin Whisper And Funny

There are a lot of pins you can use in this game, but not all pins you can use, you have to get them by buying them or getting them from spin play. All pins are divided into several levels such as rare, medium, and even rare. Most players who are obsessed to collect these pin pins even they are willing to make a purchase of coins in order to buy these funny pins. Here are some pictures of the pins in this game.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each game, of course, has the disadvantages and advantages in perceived players, this is only reasonable because the developers have also considered the perfection of this game. Here’s the lack of excess of this game.


This game is quite easy to play, even with a simple style of this game you can play in the game or any gadget to accompany your free time. In addition, this game also has enough graph with the character tau pin in this game.


Any player who ever played this game would agree with what we would say, that is difficult to get a coin. The developer party gives too little gift of coins after completing the game despite having created a high enough score. No wonder many players are often very annoyed, but some are increasingly curious.

And that’s the Sling Kong game you should try. Many players have participated in this game and now it is time to play and beat their highest score or the collection of all the pins in this game.

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