Seven Knights Quick Play Guide

//Seven Knights Quick Play Guide

Seven Knights Quick Play Guide

Hello gamers, this article we will explain a little about the quick play guide in the seven knights game. So for those of you who often play this game can make this information for your consideration in choosing the fighters and how to play. So do not miss friends.

Seven Knights

As we have explained in the previous article, this game is much of interest because it has a pretty exciting attraction in between:

  • Interesting graphs.
  • There are 200 more characters you can get.
  • It has many game features.
  • Has an interesting story background to follow.
  • Many costumes or skins are interesting for collection players and show off to other players.

That’s probably some reason from most of the players. But in this article, we will give you a short guide for those of you who play this game so you can have a lot of interesting knights and have a high level quickly.


For those of you who are just playing this game, it would be a good idea to understand this game first because it is very important for your speed play. This guide can be a consideration for you in order to have a high level and win every battle, especially the arena that will match players in PVP mode.

Use Rubies With Wisdom

This is the basic thing you should apply. Most players often use these rubies to get a new knight even though the chance to win them is very small. But a littleĀ from us, focus your rubies on Mastery because with this you can win the game in any fashion easily because the higher the level of mastery you have the more help you will get.


Battle mode is sometimes a lot of neglect, but you need to know this mode very important for you to follow because on the side you can get some material to strengthen the item or weapon in use. So even if your knight has a small level but has enough damage to defeat another high-level knight.

Daily Mission

Do not forget to complete the daily missions you always have every day. In addition to getting a lot of presents, this can speed you up to have a high level in a short time.

Knight setting

Setting up a team you need to pay attention to. Other players usually attach importance to their knights to form teams that will fight in the arena and this is not exactly right. We recommend that you form a team that you can use to support your game needs such as forming a Raid team that will produce extraordinary items or weapons.

So guidelines or tips and tricks days, hopefully, this can help you to play better again and win every mode of battle in this game with ease and have a high level in a fast time. Thank you and enjoy this game.

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