Special Hero Seven Knight – 200 More Hero In One Game

//Special Hero Seven Knight – 200 More Hero In One Game

Special Hero Seven Knight – 200 More Hero In One Game

Hello, EFU12 is back again to present information about the game. This time we will discuss some of the heroes that exist in the Seven Knights game. There are 200 more heroes present in this game. It takes a long time to explain hero, but just be quiet, we will discuss some important heroes like the seven knights that are the background of the story.

Seven Knights

Although the main characters in this game are Evan and Karin, these seven knights are key in the story. The seventh knight is quite special because it is difficult to get because the hero in this game can only be owned by getting the card first. To be clearer let us discuss everything from the beginning.

Card Hero

The hero in this game can players have after getting the card first and the card is distinguished based on the star owned. For normal heroes usually, have two to three levels that are marked with a star. Cards for this normal hero at ranging from 4 stars to six stars, although there are some heroes are only available from 5 and 6 stars only. To be able to have a 6 stars hero the player can improve the star by using the elements available in 5 types. For changes or improvements, you can see the picture below.


Hero Level

In this game each hero has the following classes or stages in the hero:

  • Hero Monster
  • Hero Normal
  • Seven Knights
  • Four Lords
  • Ex Four Lords

Each level and hero have different abilities, but higher level heroes usually have more capabilities than the lower levels but that is not a guarantee of victory in this game. Here are some pictures of special hero or heroes that have a high level.

Four Lords

The four heroes are hero four lords that have a higher level in comparison with seven fighters. And this hero pen is more difficult to get than previous level hero. Yes, it can be said that the higher the rank of hero the more difficult also to get.

Awaken Hero

Until now every hero card can only have 6 stars only, players can improve the ability of heroes by changing them or more familiar with the process of awakening and of course initiate some landings when will change the hero like rock awakening as the main material. After the hero passes through the awakening process, the hero will have a new special ability.

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