What Game Should You Play in April 2018 (EFU12 Version)

//What Game Should You Play in April 2018 (EFU12 Version)

What Game Should You Play in April 2018 (EFU12 Version)

Hi, we would like to let you know about incoming games that you must play in 2018. We are sure you will need this reference in order to get a really great game. The first game come from Sims Mobile and then Lineage 2 Revolution and so on.

Sims Mobile

The first game is Sims Mobile. We all know about Sims Freeplay and certainly most people who love simulation game. Especially, Sims series. They must play it. However, the newest Sims version is kinda better than before. What is the difference? Now we have to check the gameplay.

What do you think about this game? Certainly, you will need to play a character that you choose properly. The best part of all, we can modify our house as we want. No matter what room size we would like to change, we can change it for free and we can get a new room once we have done with the achievements.

Sims Mobile is a really suitable game to be played in April 2018. If you want to find some joy and you want to spend your time by playing the best game. We recommend Sims Mobile then.

Lineage 2 Revolution

For the second choice and this one is the last choice because there is no game released in 2018. We can choose Lineage 2 Revolution. This game is a masterpiece where it combines PC game and also Mobile game to create something unique.

Usually, it is really hard to find an open world MMORPG game because most of them are limited. We have to spend our money if we want to do unlimited adventure but Lineage 2 Revolution is totally different where we do not need to spend our money. They have their own way to make money from the game so you must be thankful to the game. The graphics are really epic, you may check the images below.

Is not it a great game? What a really great game with epic graphics. You must be falling in love whenever you play this game. We can also team up with our friends to complete all the quest in the game or if you lack of time, you can do it automatically.

Do not forget to download both Sims Mobile and Lineage 2 Revolution to your Android or iOS phone because they fulfill our time into something great. They are really great to be played in this year.

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